Failure Was Always Out Of My League

In the last decade failure as a concept has become part of our everyday life. As a society, we increasingly say “Failure is ok” or “Failure is part of the game” or even “There is no success without failure”. But in this process of normalising it, we ignore the fact that failure affects us differently, […]

Africa in 3D: Death, Destruction, and Disease

Have you ever come across an aid campaign on TV picturing a child sitting on a dusty ground, wearing ripped clothes, with a fly wandering around his face. The child in question is told to be suffering from cholera, diarrhoea, malaria, pneumonia…you name it. He becomes the ambassador of despair of a whole continent, where all […]

Income Inequalities: Enough is Enough

While working on income inequalities, one is often asked why should she/he cares about it, and why should we go against nature as we cannot be all equal! Some would dare to say that the secret of the wealth is hard work! (I know, right!) While fighting inequalities is not about eradicating them, but rather […]