Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 21.50.56The book describes and investigates the impact of the foreign direct investment on the income inequalities in the natural resources’ abundant countries. In order to understand this impact using the natural resources as a channel, this research focuses on the developing countries in the African region. It analyses a resources’ rich country with a scarce one that are respectively Algeria and Tunisia over the period of 2003- 2013. The Analysis is based on economic indicators, and taking into consideration one variable which is the natural resources. The aim of this research is to define and elaborate the correlation between the FDI’s impact on the income inequalities through the resources as a channel. The theory advanced in this research is based on the Stopler- Samuelson model which claims that the rise in the price of a capital-intensive commodity leads to the increase of the return to capital, and inversely, to the fall of the return to labor and wages, and also based on the Kuznet curve, which argues that at early stages of development.

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